Meeting of the Network in Worriken

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Minister Isabell Weykamans invited sucessful participants of the European Village Renewal Award to a network meeting, which took place in Worriken from the 27th to the 29th of March 2014. Central topic was the "inner development of villages", the participants talked about problems caused by urban sprawl, urban development in general and how to deal with and how to prevent vacancy in the village center.

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Villages are society's social sources!

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Villages are society's social sources!

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Europes cultural landscapes - a feast for the eyes

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European Rural Visions 2020 - At the end of March the exhibit made a stop in the South Tyrolean Landhaus in Bolzano and even Richard Theiner, member of the provincial government made a visit. One of the central messages of the exhibit: Multifaceted cultural landscapes are a special wealth of Europe. They are the product of natural factors, farming and human settlement activity. They mirror innovation capacity, virtual shaping power and visions of different generations. They act as an eye catcher and found identity and attractivity.

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Villages 2020: Acting instead of lamentating

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Approximately 150 interested people from 10 european countries followed the invitation of the European Association for Rural Development and Viilage Renewal to participate in the conferece "Euopean Rural Visions 2020. Crisis - Change - Chances", which took place in Wroclaw and addressed various questions about the future which challenges and moves Europes rural regions. The governor of lower Austria and Chairman of the European Association for Rural Development and Viilage Renewal, Erwin Pröll, got to the heart of it with his statement: "The development of villages and rural regions can not be reduced to farming. We must deal with the integral dimension and take on the great challenge which is confronting our society."

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European Village Renewal Award 2014

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European Award for Rural Development and Village Renewal

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