European Village Renewal Award 2014 goes to Hungary

The competition for the European Village Renewal Award 2014 is over: A high-rank international interdisciplinary jury elected the winner after intensive assesement at the last evaluation meeting in Munich: Tihany, district Veszprém, Hungary. "Tihany impressed with an exemplary development process which was initiated by the village officials and was carried by the citizens and supported by experts. It was built on potentials and chances and is evidence of a broad awareness of problems. Numerous already realised projects made the motto of the competition "lead a better life" a reality in Tihany. The fact that a participant of a country from behind the former Iron Curtain is awarded with the European Rural Village Award shows on the one hand the great development progress which was achieved over the last quarter of this century and on the other hand it is evidence for the high sensibility and professional expertise of the jury not only to measure and evaluate reached goals but also the covered distance" , Erwin Pröll, Chairman of the European Association for Rural Development and Village Renewal, said enthusiastically in a first reaction.


PA Tihany


29 participants from all over Europe at a high and the highest level


Besides the winning village Tihany, 12 other villages or communities made it to the highest category. They are awarded with the "European Village Renewal Award for sustainable, holistic and motto-adequate village development of excellent quality". 11 participants are awarded with the “European Village Renewal Award for special achievements in multiple fields of village development“. 5 villages are pleased to recieve a “European Village Renewal Award for special achievements in individual fields of village development”. Due to the high quality of partcipants there is no "laudatory recognition" this year.


The award ceremony, which will be the highlight of an euopean event lasting for several days with workshops, study tours and exhibitions will take place from the 11th - 13th of September in the winning village of 2012, Vals, Switzerland.



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